6th Grader Kayden Chinn  was honored at the "Do The Right Thing!" ceremony on March 15, 2023. Kayden was nominated by his 6th grade teacher, Ms.Courtney Forsyth for the reasons below: "The  main reason why I nominated Kayden is because he is so helpful with one student in particular. Kayden makes sure to help this student get his lunch choice made. Kayden checks his book bag to be sure there really is lunch in his lunchbox. Kayden will check on the student when he's supposed to be using the restroom or if he's supposed to go to the nurse, and makes sure the student gets where he's going. Kayden will sit and quietly talk to the student or ask him what he's drawing. Kayden keeps the student occupied at times when I am busy dealing with the other kiddos and their needs/questions.

The morning is always such a chaotic time with attendance, lunch choices, office envelopes, lunch cards, etc. and Kayden will help with this student, so that I can do all of those other things. 

Kayden is also just helpful in general. He's polite and asks how my day is. He is genuine, and he tries to always do his best no matter what."

Congrats Kayden!