Response to Intervention (RTI)

3 Tiers of Support

What is RTI?

RTI stands for Response To Intervention.  RTI is a federal and state initiative to meet a wide range of student needs through general education services.  Students in Kindergarten through 5th grade will be monitored using a universal screening tool three times per year (fall, winter & spring).

AIMS WEB is used as an assessment; this data will be used to help determine academic areas of need.

Students showing deficits in reading will receive research-based interventions in addition to classroom instruction.  

Students may be referred to the SIT/SAP Team for problem solving & collaboration to develop effective interventions.

Students will be placed into 
one of three tiers:

Tier I students receive basic instruction in the classroom (80% of student population).

Tier II students will receive additional small group instruction each day in reading (15% of student population).

Tier III students will receive additional individualized instruction each day in reading. (5% of student population).

The interventions will continue until the student makes sufficient progress; if the student continues to struggle, more interventions will be put into place.

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Information for Parents

RTI Primer for Parents

The printable Smithton RTI brochure can be accessed below.  To enlarge the document for printing, click on the rectangular icon in the lower right-hand corner (next to the magnifying glass).